Brickwork Plus & SB-9

Empowers homeowners to earn additional income from their property.

About Brickwork

Brick Work is a prop-tech startup in Los Angeles that has been helping real estate brokers and developers obtain zoning analysis on new residential multifamily construction. We’ve been around for 3 years and have the top teams from CBRE, Marcus and Millichap, Newmark, etc. as our users.

We have partnered with Levi Design Build to help homeowners and homebuyers obtain SB-9 reports that adheres to local city/jurisdictional ordinances along with 3D models designed in Revit to provide what are your options whether its building a duplex in your backyard or replacing your existing home and building two duplexes.

Senate Bill 9

SB-9 creates a more efficient process for homeowners to convert an existing home on a single family lot to up to two duplexes.

Positive Impacts


Intergenerational wealth.


Max. of 4 units.


Protects historic neighborhoods.


Follows local zoning code.


Building growth that is sustainable.

Why Brickwork?

BrickWork will help homeowners utilize the bill by partnering with them and handling the entire process from beginning to end.

Where to begin?

BrickWork analyzes your property and proposes a lot split. Homeowners have a  variety of options for developing housing on their newly created lots, including  single-family dwellings, duplex and ADU’s.