Save Big on Your Home Remodel

Everyone, from Millennials to millionaires, is always looking to save money. While a home remodel is not always cheap, homeowners can get reap a lot of benefits of remodeling their property. Even if money isn’t an issue and there is no such thing as a budget, there are some great ways to save money without skimping on the luxury construction.

Pick Midgrade Materials

Picking premium options or materials can raise the cost of your remodeling project substantially. While basic olefin and polyester carpeting costs around $1 to $2 per square foot, wool can cost upward of $9 to $11 per square foot, according to Angie’s List. More often than not, the cheaper, middle-of-the-road options look and feel like high-end products.

Elbow Grease

Ask your builder if there are any safe, simple construction tasks that you can do to reduce the costs. Many homeowners end up doing their painting and cleaning to shave off a few expenses.

Energy Savings Rebates

Consider using Energy Star appliances, furnaces, and air conditioning units. By using some of these products, you may qualify for substantial government tax credits that can help offset some of your construction costs.

Find the Right Contractor

A home remodeling project is only as good as whom you hire. It’s crucial to find a reliable contractor who will quote you a fair price and deliver high-quality work. Be sure to check out their portfolio and learn more about the company.

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