Remodeling your home can be one of the most exciting projects for your family. It will utterly transform your home from antiquated to a modern and more personalized living space that will increase your property’s value and will also improve your quality of life. The magnitude of such investment requires for you to have a very clear idea of what you want and the professional assessment from an experienced design/build firm that can guide you every stage of the remodeling journey. In this latest blog, we will center our attention in the most appealing part of a major home renovation: the design stage.Designing your remodel is always thrilling, but it is always better to come to this phase of your home renovation with clear ideas of what you want and why you want it. Coming to your designer with inspirational photos of work you like and how you would like to do so will speed up the process of the design stage.

Many of the trends we will talk about have been popular for over 5 years while others are more recent, yet are still very relevant today. To come up with this list we have taken into account our experience, the most popular idea books in Houzz and Pinterest.

9 Home Remodeling Trends For Your House

1. Open floor plans layout (Studio City Photo):

This trend is not a very recent one, it has been emerging for several years now, and homeowners are constantly seeking open floor plans as the best alternative to integrate the different living spaces in your home. To do so, it is imperative to knock down the proper walls that will create the openness you seek while still supporting your houses structure.

An open floor plan has many advantages. The main one is that it makes your space look and feel larger while making cooking, dining, and social gatherings more informal and comfortable.

What is usually done to create an open floor plan is that the kitchen is opened up into the family room space. Another benefit for the kitchen, is that is clears the way for a big island in the kitchen.

Other advantages are that more light enters your home, cheering up and brightening your living spaces. It also gives you more flexibility with your furniture.

2. Lighten up your living spaces:

Natural light can never be underappreciated. It will make your house more comfortable and inviting while it will reduce the cost of energy bills. Most old windows have developed a hazy feel to the glass and the layers may have paint glutted in. With newer technologies windows have become much more energy efficient, helping to maintain indoor temperatures and saving money on your energy bills.

Apart from the cost efficiency of replacing windows, there is also the aesthetic factor. Rooms appear bigger as windows are larger in size and allow more light to come in.

Another popular way to lighten up your living spaces is including more light fixtures in your rooms. Common trends are advocating pendants lights, especially in the kitchen, dining rooms and family rooms. There is wide variety of pending lights that go from rustic to more modern looks. The options are limitless, and with our designer you can see what options accommodate better to your needs.

3. Smart home innovations:

As our technology advances in unprecedented rates, so are our home getting smarter. Smart appliances, like the ones we included in our Studio City project allow most of your appliances to be controlled from your smartphone. Now there are refrigerators that can alert you when items are running low, and soon enough you they will be able to order those items that you need automatically.

There is also many lighting and heating systems that can be programmed to adapt depending on the time of day and temperature, all visible on your mobile device. Coffee makers can be set up to have your coffee ready by the time you wake up. There are also auto-sustainable homes that utilize solar energy and rain water to power your home. As technology advances, the possibilities for smarter homes seem to be endless.

4. Higher ceilings:

Higher ceilings create a very interesting effect in a room. They make it seem bigger and far more spacious. Another popular trend with ceilings is adding different ceiling treatments. An exposed wooden beam can give a room a totally different personality. Vaulted ceilings are another example of these alternatives.

5. Wood looking floors and hardwood flooring

Today the most popular flooring consists of hardwood flooring. This trend continues to grow, and as it does, so is the alternative of getting floors that look like hardwood. Some of the most popular options are: wood looking tiles and engineered vinyl plank flooring. These look like wood but are waterproof, they also have a cork underlayment making it softer on your feet while providing some insulation.

When it comes to colors, the most common option in 2018 are dark wood floors, kind of like a dark walnut color. Following the dark floor trend, the second most common are paler light hardwood floors. When you are seeking lighter hardwood floors, natural is the most common.

When you begin experimenting with different shades, grays and whitewashes are the most trending. They are also more challenging and expensive, since acquiring those tones on hardwoods are only effective on white oak and maple. They are very practical because they don’t show dirt or scratches as easily.

6. Simple Design (Simplicity in your Home):

Clean lines and simple design is an ever-increasing trend, especially in Los Angeles. We have all heard the common expression that “less is more” and this couldn’t be any truer for design. Streamlined designs have been in rising demand. This is commonly seen with less intricate molding and a better use of space, especially in the kitchen where cabinets are so necessary.

This trend which exalts simplicity over intricacy is not based on an aesthetic principle, but also in a psychological one. Less cluttered spaces reduce stress. Think about it, and you will agree with us. More space brings clarity to your home and mind. That is why you will see modern and contemporary homes have less furniture and less stuff on the furniture. It brings to your house a sense of tranquility that everyone wants in their home. Wouldn’t you?

Simplicity is also applicable on the use of color. Maintaining constant colors throughout your home will display uniformity. This doesn’t mean that every room must be the same color, but maintaining similar shades, especially on the main level of the home, will increase its appeal.

7. More gourmet larger kitchens

For our kitchen trends, we will expand on these more than in other cases since they are usually the center of a home. Kitchens are the central gathering spot for families and guests, due to this, it is now more important to make this area comfortable, versatile and welcoming. As we mentioned previously, open floor plans have transformed kitchen spaces, making the kitchen more accessible and inclusive in the whole house. One of the major trends with these open floor plans in kitchens is the inclusion of larger islands. Doing this, islands have become a center piece of the whole house. You can cook, wash dishes, serve breakfast and kids even do homework in this highly valued asset.

a. Water is an essential part of any kitchen. You use it to cook and wash. So, having convenient sinks and an easy access to water in the kitchen has become a top priority in 2018. One example of an added convenience in kitchens are pot fillers. They are usually placed behind the stoves which allow for you to fill your pot without having to move it across your kitchen, avoiding water spills and a dirty kitchen.

b. Another increasing trend are farmhouse sinks, often called apron sinks. The reasons for including these types of sinks vary. Some do it just for style, while others do it for ergonomic benefits, since they will make it easier on your back and easier to wash and soak large pans and pots. The amazing thing about these sinks is that, due to their popularity, you can find them in almost any material. With the variety of materials (stainless steel, copper, soap stone, granites, natural stones, fireclay and porcelain) you can ensure that your farmhouse sink matches your countertops.

c. Linear designs and patterns are becoming incredibly stylish and popular in many areas in the kitchen. You can see this commonly in backsplashes, linear movement in countertops, wood look tiles and cabinet designs. Over doing it would be a great mistake, but introducing this type of pattern in a couple of select spaces will give your kitchen a more contemporary and attractive look providing some active movement.

d. Stainless steel and brushed nickel are timeless elements that can go with a vast variety of design options. Gold colors seem to be becoming popular, but it is hard to see gold out performing cooler color trends in the kitchen and home. This is especially true since most appliances, as well as sinks are stainless steel. The main idea is that you want your kitchen remodel to withstand the test of time, and going with stainless steel is the safest and most attractive option, since it will be in line with most appliances colors.

e. Quartz and white marble countertops have been in constant rise during the past five years. They are especially popular in higher end luxury homes. Some of the most popular types of marble are Calacatta and Carrara marble from Italy. Their nature provides more attractive patterns and the only downfall to this valuable material is that due to its porous nature they require a lot of maintenance. On the other hand, quartz countertops are whiter than the Calacatta marble, they are not as expensive and easier to maintain.

f. Smart and commercial grade appliances have been a rising request of homeowners remodeling their kitchen. Most of these new appliances include smart technology and extra safety features. These appliances can be controlled in many cases from your mobile device and with the increase of technology, commercial grade appliances have become more silent and energy efficient. So, if you have the space in your home for these types of appliances, they are definitely a boost to your kitchen both in efficiency and in design.

8. Rustic décor:

Rustic décor has also been very popular in 2018. With Fixer Upper’s unprecedented success, you can see more and more rustic inclusions in home remodeling. This style is not for everyone, and it sometimes doesn’t go well with a more contemporary and modern designs. But a fantastic example of how to have a rustic décor style in a modern design is our Burbank kitchen remodel. In it you can see how the faux brick, a very rustic asset can blend perfectly into a modern home.

9. Master bedroom suites:

Master bedroom suites are incredibly common amongst luxury and custom home rebuilds. These types of suites have a spa-like bathroom with large customized closets, a large main room and sometimes an extra room that is used as an office or exercise room. These suites allow for you to have all you need with the comfort of your bedroom. With one of these, leaving your room is going to be a daunting task. These bathrooms have a bathtub and an upgraded shower with large shower heads, seating areas and glass enclosures. Other interesting amenities to include in these paradise-like suites are wireless music systems, radiant heat floors and smart/heated toilets.

Conclusion: With the rapid rise of technological advances, homes are becoming smarter and more luxurious. In Los Angeles, for example, with the high cost of purchasing a home, you can completely remodel your home for half the price of purchasing a new property. It is imperative, however, to count with a team of professionals that can assist you in the planning, design, and construction stage. Levi Design Build is a design/build firm that counts with expertise in architecture, design, engineering and construction, allowing your complete home remodeling to be done with one team. To learn more about what we do you can visit our blog or view some of our latest projects. Happy remodeling!

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