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One of the key features of the new state ADU law in Woodland Hills is that it allows for pre-built garages to be converted for residential use. Homeowners in Woodland Hills are using this opportunity with garage conversions in Woodland Hills to construct a separate and 100% legal unit for rental income, guesthouse construction or additional space for their family.

Levi Design Build are experienced contractors that help you do garage conversions in Woodland Hills complete with free consultation and 3D floor designs. The price offered is the price we charge with no hidden fees and everything disclosed in the contract. Property owners in Woodland Hills get to enjoy financial benefits through a local scale as trusted specialists and constructors provide a timely and safe service.

Garage conversions in Woodland Hills consume very little gas and electricity which helps in cost cutting and is hence, the perfect investing opportunity. We offer all the garage conversion services you may need from custom designs to city permits and completing of construction. Moreover, with every kitchen garage conversion project, as a token of gratitude for hiring our experienced services in Woodland Hills we give you these high-end appliances free: fridge, stove, microwave and dishwasher!

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