Garage Conversions in Los Angeles

Quick and affordable way to add living space to a home.

Convert a Garage in Los Angeles

Are you a Los Angeles homeowner with extra garage space that you are not using? If you’re need to expand your living space and earn some extra cash, Levi Design Build is your one-stop solution for garage conversions in Los Angeles.

What you need to know about garage conversoins

If you have some extra time on your hands and you’re looking to take on a new project, you may be thinking about converting your garage. Maybe you’re looking for more space due to a tight house and you can’t expand because of a tiny backyard. And if you are, it’s important to know there are many things to consider. Here are six things to consider if you’re thinking about garage conversions in Los Angeles as your next construction project.

Garage Conversion Lighting

If you’re going to convert your garage you’re going to need proper lighting in a space that may not be set up for it. First, you’ll have to install additional lighting to ensure the entire space is lit. You can either add lamps or opt to install new lighting fixtures around the room. If that’s the case, remember to use a contractor to run new wiring.

Garage Conversion Electricity

To add new lighting fixtures you’re going to need electricity in your garage conversion. You may need a number of things installed if that’s the case, including new and additional outlets, new wiring, wall mounts for televisions and wiring for surround sound systems. If you plan to install these electronics it’s important to know where you want to keep them to ensure your outlets are in the correct spot.

Garage Conversion Heating & Cooling

If you want to make sure your family is utilizing the new room you’ve just finished, you have to make sure the climate is right. That means heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. Because the garage can be uncomfortable to begin, it’s important the climate is properly controlled. This can be done by redirecting all HVAC units into the newly garage conversion in Los Angeles.

Garage Conversion Plumbing

A full garage conversion may include a bathroom and a kitchen area. This would require plumbing work to be done. But, if you do it, you can install sinks, a wet bar, a bathroom and more.

Garage Conversion Flooring

Most garage floors are cement, which means you’ll have to install new flooring. First you’ll need to figure out what is sturdy and what accommodations need to be made before you prepare to lay the floor.

Garage Conversion Building Codes

Before you can do any work on you new garage, you’ll need to do some research. To convert a garage into a living space you’ll have to make sure the requirements for codes are right. Research what your local government requires of you, make sure you have everything up to date and don’t begin work beforehand. If you’re bringing in a contractor, they will advise you on what needs to be changed and what permits you’ll need to bring the garage conversion in Los Angeles project up to code. If not, see if your government has a building inspector who can come by and answer any questions you may have and give you planning permission. This will save you time and money later — especially if you get it all right the first time.

A garage conversion can be a fun construction project that can result in your dream room. But it’s important to first ensure all of these points are considered. For more information, contact Levi Design Group.

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