An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a small, habitable building place on a property that has pre-existing, main structures.

The purpose of an ADU varies for one to the other. But, as many of the sobriquets – granny flat, mother-in-law-apartments, guest houses, etc. – imply, ADUs are not the primary living edifice on a property. Generally, an ADU is used for a temporary living situation.

The purpose of an ADU, providing temporary or single-living accommodations, means only the essentials are necessary.


Essential Elements of an ADU

All ADUs, save the most Spartan, have at least four living areas: a kitchen/dining area, a living room, a bedroom, and a bathroom.

Some ADUs, though, are set up as single-room flats. ADU flats have grown in popularity over the years as some ADU designers feel that it’s a more efficient use of space and gives inhabitants more options. Additionally, ADU flats give a living space the appearance of being larger than it actually is.

That is not to say, however, that all ADUs are barren. Some can actually be quite luxurious.

Up Scale ADUs

For people wanting the size-simplicity of an ADU, yet the capacity to appreciate the finer aspects of home living, there are a variety of options.

For example, there are home entertainment centers specifically designed for smaller areas. So, even if you don’t want the entertainment center to take up a great deal of space, the entertainment equipment – a flat-screen television, radio/stereo combination, etc. – can be a large as any you’d find in any other home. Likewise, it isn’t uncommon to find ADUs with jacuzzi-tubs that also have a showerhead above when bathing quickly is a priority.

Kitchen accessories for smaller living arrangements are also easy to find. Be it combination cutlery sets or two-person table settings, there are many ways to maximize the quality of Accessory Dwelling Unit living without requiring space that is not available.The purpose of an ADU is to provide a space-efficient living situation. Making an ADU luxurious is up to the inhabitants!


One thing is certain though, making an ADU a home is not particularly difficult to do! You can contact Levi Design Build for all your ADU Contractor needs. Book your free consultation today!