ADU Seminar 2020

February 20, 2020

Venue: The Hotel Name, 1234 Main St, Los Angeles

About Event

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ADU State Law

Everything about permits and regulations in order to build ADU legally,

Budgeting & Financing

Cost effective strategies to develop your ADU project on time and budget.

Types of ADU

All types of ADU’s, their specifics and advantages compared one to another.

Development Process

Feasibility, design & 3D, construction drawings, plans, permits and more.

Benefits of ADU

How to make ADU work for you and turn it into a passive income.


Answering all your individual questions and giving industry advises.

The Speakers

Avi Levi

Co Owner – Levi Design Build, Inc

Dan Tseselsky

Sr. Loan Officer – First Nationwide Mortgage Bankers

Fouad Barakat

Owner – All Cities Consulting Engineer

Join the Seminar

Register early to secure your place in the Annual Convention.

$29 Admission Fee

ADU Seminar

Please let us know if you’d like to receive more details about the seminar or have any organizational or cooperation inquiries.

The Hotel Name, 1234 Main St, Los Angeles
February 20th @ 2pm