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Get the most money and lowest monthly payment for your renovation


Get access to 11x more borrowing power, on average.


Better rates, longer terms, more savings, and all about YOU.


10x easier than a construction loan – no draws or inspections.

This will not affect your credit score
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Borrow More

RenoFi matches homeowners to the best financing product for their project.
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Longest Terms, Lowest Rates

Terms up to 20 years. Rates are based on the After Renovation Value.
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No Refinancing Required

Have a great rate locked in your first mortgage? No problem!
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Cash Up Front

Once approved, homeowners receive 100% of cash up front. No draws, no inspections.
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Tell us about your project and instantly learn how much you can borrow for your renovation

This will not affect your credit score
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a RenoFi Loan different from a normal home equity loan or HELOC?

A traditional home equity loan or home equity line of credit (HELOC) allows you to borrow against the current value of your home, whereas RenoFi Loans allow you to borrow against the after renovation value, or future value of your home. For homeowners who have been in their homes for 10+ years, borrowing against current home equity is fine because they’ve built up a lot of equity over the years and don’t have as large of an outstanding mortgage balance. But for recent homebuyers, a true renovation loan often offers higher borrowing power. It is important to note that if you take a RenoFi Loan there is no guarantee your home will increase in value and, in rare cases, you may owe more than your home is worth.

How is this different from a construction loan?

RenoFi Loans do not require draw schedules, inspections or refinancing, like typical construction loans do. Many contractors prefer not to work with construction loans because of these in-depth requirements. Read this article to learn more about the differences between RenoFi Loans and construction loans.

Are there inspections & draws like a typical construction loan, FHA 203K, or Fannie Mae Homestyle loan?

No, we’ve designed RenoFi Loans in a way that makes life much easier for homeowners & their general contractors. The entire loan amount is made available by the lender upfront, giving them more flexibility during the renovation process After the renovation is completed, the appraiser visits the home to issue a certificate of completion. Read more about the differences between RenoFi Loans vs other loan types.

I am in the middle of a refinance - can I take out a RenoFi Loan?

Yes, but you should complete your refinance before you officially start the RenoFi application process with our lender. We also encourage you to get started by looking at our application checklist.

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