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With housing fees sky rocketing through the roof in the West Hills location, many householders have difficulties to save some cash. If you happen to live near the West Hills area, we have great news! Whether you're trying to use your home as an extra source of income or want to add an extra space to your house without moving in to another home, we have the solution!

Find out what other West Hills homeowners are trying out. It's called an 'accessory dwelling unit' aka ADU. ADUs in West Hills are among the best investment you can make, say you want to build an extra income using your home. Granny flats, detached ADUs, attached ADUs, garage conversions, basement apartments are a great solution to build an extra income using your a West Hills ADU unit.

If you're simply wanting to expand the size of your residence without looking to buy a bigger home, a garage conversion & attached ADUs in West Hills is a your best choice! Expand your living quarters at an affordable price with our financial program. So if you need an extra income to pay off that mortgage or wanting to build an extra space to your home, call today to receive your free quote & consultation.

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